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Sharma Bullion buys all kinds of gold from our Melbourne CBD office. Irrespective of how much or how little you have to sell during this time of crisis, we will pay you the highest cash for your gold in Melbourne, and you will receive the highest possible payment for your gold items. We will pay you the correct amount for your gold per gram and there is no fooling around. 

We are honoured to deliver you the best payment rates while you’re selling gold bullion or selling silver bullion to Sharma Bullion. Also provide a wide variety of low-cost bullion options when you’re looking to invest. In short, we guarantee you that you receive the best and highest cash for your gold in Melbourne.

We never compromise on our service.

Here are some ways for you to get the highest cash for gold in Melbourne with Sharma Bullion.

We’re also dealing with gold coins! 

Our business is acquainted with gold and silver coins from all around the globe, and we are happy to give the highest cash for your gold and silver coins in Melbourne.

Got gold nuggets? We buy them too!

Irrespective of whether you’ve just discovered the first gold nuggets, or have a significant number of nuggets accumulated over time, Sharma Bullion is willing to deliver the maximum cash for your gold nuggets in Melbourne. We will check and measure all sorts of gold nuggets, like gold dust and purchases may be made in-store after the testing process.

Verify the cost of the gold with Sharma Bullion and get a registered quotation

Before you offer the gold to another Melbourne gold dealer, contact us at Sharma Bullion, a remarkable gold buyer in Melbourne, where you will get the highest cash for your gold in Melbourne. Now check the offer you got from our competitor, and see the price gap that we ‘re offering you. We ‘re helping you to save your money.

Sell your gold now and win the highest cash for your gold!

Selling gold is a much less tiring operation than you imagine. Being one of Melbourne ‘s leading gold buyers, Sharma Bullion is Melbourne ‘s leading gold dealer, devoted solely to the business. If you like quick cash for jewellery, get a signed quote for your money, as we’re still working to top it. Sell your gold and get the highest cash for your gold in Melbourne.

Do you have scrap gold in your home? shy not, we have a good price for that too! We ‘re a scrap gold collector in Melbourne, and offer cash for you.

Our business mode!

Sharma Bullion is Melbourne ‘s leading gold buyer. We ‘re committed to giving you the highest cash for your gold in Melbourne! Its Instant cash, not cheques. We are very committed to giving you the highest cash for your gold and paying the cash immediately on the spot. We also find it very easy, stress-free and highly profitable.

As a gold buyer company in Melbourne, we have a dedicated office to buy gold from the Melbourne public. Workers are really helpful and will support you in the process of selling your gold to us. The whole procedure is clear, as we measure the gold in front of you.

Our prices are dictated by the present market price of gold. You don’t need an appointment or need to come in person, just contact us regarding your gold and get an unbeatable price for your gold. We ‘re offering cash on the spot for your gold! We give you the highest cash for your gold in Melbourne. 

Why you should choose us for your selling gold?

1. Highest cash for your gold in Melbourne

2. Spot cash

3. Instant payment

4. We come to you. 

5. A gold buyer in Melbourne with a written quote and highest cash for your gold.

6. We ‘re purchasing gold in whatever state

7. We guarantee the best price for your gold

8. We will be transparent to you.

9. Better deals

Sharma Bullion is the ultimate gold bullion and gold buyers of your choice in Geelong and Melbourne. We give you the best prices for your gold in Melbourne and Geelong. The whole process is transparent we do a scan and weigh your item in front of the customer. Also the payment rates are live on our website, and our prices are determined by the current world gold trading price. Our customer doesn’t require an appointment.