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Sharma Gold is the place of best value to buy and sell gold, we are one of the best gold dealers in Melbourne. In the Sharma Bullion. We operate to criticize the conventional thought about money and to enable the Melbourne citizens to take care of their wealth — literally! With real value opportunities, we can help you make investments in physical precious metals, simply and discreetly.

We use the cumulative business expertise to provide our clients with tailored support in all facets of investment in precious metals. We are conveniently situated in Melbourne CBD and available online 24*7, selling a variety of gold bullion items from globally recognised mints as well as a selection of collectable numismatic pieces. This makes the Sharma Bullion as your gold dealers of the day in Melbourne. 

A reputable gold dealer in Melbourne: How we differ from the rest?

With the Covid-19 pandemic gradually receding its way in Melbourne and the rest of the country, we still advice our customers to be safe. If you still want to trade your gold for cash, worry not, just contact us, we will come to you. As responsible gold dealers in Melbourne, we must safeguard our customers during this crisis. 

Follow these steps from Sharma Bullion for selling or buying gold in Melbourne in this Covid-19 time. 

1. Sharma Bullion is open, and we are here to help you with the gold trading.

2. Please don’t ever panic.

3. Avoid travelling unnecessarily to Melbourne CBD, for trading or any other investments regarding gold.

4. You don’t need to come to us, we will come to you. Please contact us at +61 488 786 680 before you come in.

5. Highest price for your gold guaranteed!

6. Get instant cash.

Your friendly gold dealers in Melbourne

If you opt for selling or buying gold in Geelong or Melbourne in this time of crisis then we’re your gold dealers of the day in Melbourne and Geelong. Let your gold be in any condition, we take it, we buy all sorts of gold. We’ll buy in quantity no matter how large or small it is.

For selling your gold, you can visit our website or contact us, we will come to you. We assure that all of our staff are checked and screened constantly for any illness. Also following the guidelines laid out by the government.

As a leading gold dealer in Melbourne, we pay the price of every Gram you see on our website and we pay it in cash only. No cheques and we are very professional in our business.

Why choose Sharma Bullion as your choicest gold dealer in Melbourne? 

The professionals of Sharma Bullion shall determine the spot value of gold and purchase gold based on the prices of the live market. This process will take less than 15 – 20 minutes. We ‘re able to defeat other deals from other gold dealers in Melbourne, although that will never happen with other Melbourne gold dealers.

Sharma Bullion has worked as a seasoned gold dealer in Melbourne and has an excellent reputation as a well-established gold and bullion buyer in Melbourne and a successful gold dealer in Melbourne. You can know more details on Gold buyers in Melbourne

A final advice

Before you sell your gold to another gold dealer in Melbourne, come and see us for the best rate. As most dealers would send you a higher price on the phone but lower when you see them. We every time prefer that you get a written quotation from another gold dealer so that you can see the contrast yourself and save money.

Kindly don’t be a target of a marketing trick and just get caught up only on checking with online pricing on our competitors’ website. Make sure you contact us from the safety of your home and get the best offer because certain gold dealers claim high price over the internet, but things may turn out of favour on you.

Get a quotation from another gold dealer and contact us to match their quality with our special deals. Yes, we have good deals, so just feel free to contact us. 

Sharma Bullion is the ultimate gold bullion and gold buyers of your choice in Geelong and Melbourne. We give you the best prices for your gold in Melbourne and Geelong. Our whole process is transparent we do a scan and weigh your item in front of the customer. Thepayment rates are live on our website, and our prices are determined by the current world gold trading price. Customers don’t require an appointment.