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Many of the Gold buyers often resort to the technique of mind games on the minds of the clients, which is the smartest trick in this field. When you are taking your gold to a gold buyer in Geelong and Melbourne, you must be wary of the tricks that are usually prone to be unleashed on you. Most gold buyers will make you fall to desperation and tempt you erroneously, which might ultimately lead you to get less money than your gold is actually worth for.

It goes without a saying that gold buyer scams are common and often hard to detect. We also advise clients to do their homework before selling the items of gold before they encounter a buyer of gold. Just don’t be a marketing ploy victim and get caught on our competitors’ website with just the online pricing.

5 things for you to consider before selling your gold?

1. Watch the website constantly

Other gold buyers offer high price on their ads and website, and if you observe the prices carefully you will mostly find it to be the same as the previous day or week. This is a sign that the price isn’t getting updated to the real-time,

How Sharma Bullion differ from the rest

In Sharma Bullion, we will update the gold prices regularly, concerning the market price. You can track the precise price of the gold in our website.

2. The trick of the thugs
  • Most gold buyers employ the trick of derogating your gold as low quality
  • Say your gold is of 18 carats in its original form, the gold buyer will wantonly gauge it to be 14 or 15 carats.
  • This is an underhand trick that’s deployed to fool you and make your gold a low-profile gold before your eyes.
  • The gold buyer benefits from this trick,
  • You will get much lesser value for your gold than it really is.

We save you from those scammers!

If you are planning to sell your gold in Geelong and Melbourne to our competitors, you can visit us to check the price of the gold and the original quality of your gold.

Advice to you!

If you visit any gold buyer for selling your gold, don’t ever forget to receive the receipt.

3. Why you must be wary of pawning your gold?

The real truth behind pawning!

The Pawn shops provide you with short-term, collateral-based loans. It’s pretty easy to get a loan. You take your valuable gold to a pawn shop and it gets inspected by the pawnbroker. If he feels it’s something he could ultimately sell, he’ll bid a fraction of its worth to loan you.

You will get cash on the spot if you accept the bid, which usually isn’t case most of the time. You will have a fixed time to pay back the money you borrowed from the pawnbroker, plus any interest and penalties, usually from one to four months.

The final story

  • If you are unable to repay the amount borrowed, you lose the collateral (the pawned gold).
  • The pawnbroker will sell your gold to make his profit.
4. Avoid pawning for trifle value!

Never ever pawn for small amounts because at the end you end up to pay more interest than the original amount of money in your pocket. All pawnbroker will be very nice and courteous in their taking with you but they take the full advantage of your need.

If you are planning to pawn your gold in Geelong, make sure that you ask the pawnbroker whether your gold is insured.

Your rights as a customer

You always have the rights as a customer to check when your items are sold which you had pawned and have not been able to take it back. You have all the rights to know for what price it has been sold and how much interest has been deducted and was the last balance.

5. A note for you to consider before pledging or pawning

Most of the time your pledged items are sold for a high price and you don’t get anything. As one of the leading gold buyers in Melbourne, here are few points to consider before considering the pawning option

  • We advise you not to pawn your gold for a small amount.
  • You will be the ultimate loser at the end.
  • You will be paying higher interest.
  • There are high chances that you may fail to pay the debt.
  • You are prone to lose out your gold.

If you are planning to sell your gold in Melbourne, Geelong, Yarra, Ivanhoe and Collingwood come to Sharma Bullion.

Come to us! We will reward you!

Just favour us by getting a written quote from another gold dealer and come to us to compare their price with our special offers.

  • We pay cash real cash not cash cheques.
  • You will be highly satisfied with the price you get for your gold! It’s a promise.

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