Gold buyers in North Melbourne

Sharma Bullion is the most trusted name in the market when it comes to getting the real value for your gold. Gold buyers in North Melbourne trust our brand. We strive to make our customers happy by keeping their interests in mind. We make sure that we provide the most competitive rate for your gold traders in North Melbourne in the market. We are very clear when it comes to the price we are willing to pay. We don’t quote a higher price in calls and a different price in reality. We make sure to provide you the best gold price North Melbourne. We prefer to keep this thing simple. If the gold meets our quality standards then we give the exact price we quoted initially without playing any gimmicks. If you get a written quote for your gold from anybody else, we will make sure to beat that quote and make you the best offer. We are the trusted partners of gold dealers in North Melbourne. Coin dealers in North Melbourne should be happy because we also deal in gold coins.

If you can’t come to use then we provide the ease of at home service. Just call on this number and we will reach you within limited time. Call us now at this Phone Number: +61 488 786 680

We also strive to help you obtain instant loans without any obstruction against your gold. We believe that nobody should wait to fulfil their dreams because of financial constraints. Just come and get cash for gold in North Melbourne instantly in the form of a loan to fulfil all your obligations and dreams. Our loan process is very crisp and clear. We provide the best customer service leading to high customer satisfaction.

Benefits of obtaining a loan against gold from us:

  • Instant obstruction less loan across the table
  • Appealing interest rates
  • Simple and easy documentation
  • Repayment only at the end of loan tenure
  • Complete and assured safety of gold

When it comes to getting cash for your precious gold or obtaining a loan against gold in time of need then we are your trusted partners.

Live Gold Prices

Scrap Gold Rates Per Gram
We Pay You
9Ct $26.37
14Ct $41.02
18Ct $52.74
22Ct $64.45
24Ct $70.31
Scrap Rates
Scrap Gold Price Per Ounce $2,344.53
Scrap Gold Price Per KG $70310
Scrap Silver Price Per KG $600.00
Buyback Price
Generic Gold Buyback Price AUDPerth Gold Mint Buyback Price AUD
Genric 1oz $2,381.14 Perth Mint 1oz $2,381.14
Genric 2oz $4,762.27 Perth Mint 2oz $4,762.27
Genric 100g $7,656.39 Perth Mint 100 $7,656.39
Genric 250g $19,140.97 Perth Mint 250 $19,140.97
Genric 10oz $23,811.36 Perth Mint 10oz $23,811.36
Genric 500g $38,281.94 Perth Mint 500 $38,281.94
Genric 1 kg $76,563.87 Perth Mint 1 kg $76,563.87
Bullion Prices
Bullion Selling Price per KG $80,079.56
Bullion Buying Price per KG $75780
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