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Bullion Selling is the leading gold dealer in Melbourne. We are your perfect gold sellers in Melbourne, Victoria. Apart from buying gold from you, we also stock bullion for you to purchase. We sell gold nuggets of very high quality in Melbourne.


We are very proud to offer our customers with the gold bullion products in Melbourne. We also sell gold nuggets in Melbourne for you to buy.


If you are planning to buy bullion, look no further than Bullion Selling!


The gold products which we are selling are up to date with the current gold market price.

Bullion Selling is one of the leading gold sellers in Melbourne. Not only do we buy gold, but we also sell bullion for you to purchase. Get a written quote and we try to beat it! Come and visit us in-store today!




We welcome our customers to buy gold bullion online or visit us in the store. No appointment is required if you are buying gold from our store. You can walk in from Monday to Friday.


For more information on the gold products and buying gold bullion, view our address and store here.

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Buy gold bullion with utmost confidence

Bullion Selling is a leading gold dealer in Melbourne and we sell gold of the highest quality. We offer our customers with pure and trusted gold bullion in Melbourne.

If you want to buy quality gold bullion in Melbourne, look no further than Bullion Selling, a leading gold seller in Melbourne.

The price of our gold is live and up to date with the current world gold market.

Why choose Bullion Selling for buying Gold?

1. One of the best gold dealers in Melbourne
2. A gold seller par excellence in Melbourne
3. We are a bullion wholesaler, not the middle man
4. We provide gold jewellery repair.
5. Our gold is of the highest quality
6. We sell gold nuggets in Melbourne at the correct market price
7. Easy transportation
8. 30-minute free parking service
9. Transparent pricing

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