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If you are looking to sell any gold jewellery, coins or bullion, Gold Buyer Sharma will pay you cash for gold in Melbourne. With prices going up, more people are looking to get the highest cash for gold, which will ensure a strong return on your investment. We pay instant cash for all gold, from bullion to jewellery, and always give you a written quote. Don’t settle for the first offer you are given bring, your quote to us and we’ll try to match or better the price. Many of our clients come in wanting cash for gold in Melbourne, and we have helped them get the best price.

If you are looking for a great way to invest or want cash for your gold in Melbourne, come to Gold Buyer Sharma. Our team will help you get the best price for your precious metal and get you the best return to those selling. As the leading dealer of cash-for-gold in Melbourne, we know precious metals.

Gold Buyers & Sellers Melbourne – Gold Trading Dealers – Bullion Buying & Selling Vic Wide - Highest Cash for Gold

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Our office is located at Suite 808 A, Level 8, 125 Swanston St, Melbourne CBD. We are only a 5 minute walk on Swanston Street from Flinders Street Station, and the entrance to our building is located on the corner of Swanston St and Little Collins St.

Parking is not a real hassle you can try Royal Lane, or if you are coming by public transport, get off at Flinders Street station.

To get best cash for gold payments in Melbourne CBD,
call our office on +61 488 786 680 or visit us in store.

Gold Buyers & Sellers, Gold Trading Dealers in Melbourne – Highest Cash for Gold – Gold & Silver Bullion Buying & Selling

  • Don’t Fall For the Marketing Gimmicks. Deal directly with Most Trusted Gold Wholesalers
  • 30 Min Free Parking
  • Best price guaranteed.
  • We pay cash for diamond too.
  • We Buy Gold In Any Condition!
  • Monday to Friday walk in welcome
  • Highest Prices Paid For Your GOLD!
  • Saturday Sunday only on appointment
  • If you can’t come to us we come to you
  • Please visit us in person to get a better deal
  • We test and weigh everything in front of you!
  • Get a written quote for your Gold & we try to beat it!
  • We also buy & analyze Diamond and Pearl!
  • Melbourne Gold Traders call us to reserve your price now.
  • Free training to Pawnbroker on how to evaluate and buy diamonds
  • We also provide Jewelery repair, Polish, Rhodium & Soldering services
  • Deal With the Wholesaler NOT the Middle Man!
  • We pay CASH, real CASH! not CASH CHEQUES!
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We Buy All Types Of Gold & Bullion Melbourne

1kg Silver

500g Gold

Gold Coins

Gold Jewellery

Gold Nuggets

Gold Rings

Gold & Silver Chains

10oz Silver

Gold & Silver Earrings

Gold Watches

Silver Jewellery

Gold & Silver Pendants

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Sharma Bullion can supply wide range of bullion buying and bullion selling in Melbourne. Along with bullion dealers, we also provide consultation on cost effective way to invest in bullion. We also help you in bullion selling of gold & silver and even loose diamonds. If you need cash for gold in Melbourne? Visit us today.

We try to provide our customers with maximum payments for gold and silver items. We are well qualified and equipped to value and assess items in any condition. We also accept bulk amounts of gold or silver coins. We use the up-to-the-minute technology XRF laser Scan to determine Gold purity.

Before bullion buying, we do scan and weigh your item in front of the customer. Our payment rates are live on our website, and our prices are determined by the current world gold trading price. Our customer doesn’t require any appointment.

We offer instant cash for gold Melbourne.

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Gold Dealers, Bullion Buyers & Sellers, Gold Traders in Melbourne - Get Cash For Gold

Gold Buyers & Sellers Melbourne – Gold Trading Dealers – Bullion Buying & Selling Vic Wide - Highest Cash for Gold


Looking to Purchase Gold in Melbourne?

Sharma Bullion is leading gold bullion dealers in Melbourne. Not only do we buy and loan against gold, but we stock bullion’s for you to purchase. Come visit us in store today!

Where to Selling or Buying Gold in Melbourne?

For customers wanting to get instant cash for gold, look no further than Gold Buyer Sharma. We are known among both professionals and business owners when it comes to finding effective and profitable transactions on precious metals and jewellery. Gold Buyer Sharma can offer you cash for gold in Melbourne, and we also trade in jewellery as well as gold & silver bullion. Be it a need to trade jewellery for cash, or to purchase gold and silver bullion, we offer a trusted service with the most competitive rates.

Get Instant Cash For Gold in Melbourne at Highest Price Guaranteed!

Get a written quote for your Gold buying & selling and we try to beat it!
Highest Prices Paid for your GOLD Selling! If you can’t come to us we come to you.

We Offer Cash for Gold Melbourne

As we deal with a regular volume of silver and gold bullion in Melbourne, we are always keeping a constant watch on global market rates. Our team strives to communicate openly with customers so you are always welcome to consult with us should you even just want to consider prices for your valuables. We offer instant cash for gold customers who wish to sell for a competitive rate. Call us on 0488 786 680 to see how we can help.

Trusted Gold Buyers & Gold Sellers Melbourne.

Please don’t be a victim of marketing stunt and get caught only with the online pricing on our competitors website!!! Make sure to visit us in person to obtain a best quote as some gold dealers quote high price over the phone but things are different when you go and visit them.

Get a written quote from another gold dealer and come to us to compare their price with our special offers.


Confirm Gold Prices with Sharma Bullion

Before you sell your gold to another gold dealer in Melbourne, attend us to obtain a best quote because most of the dealers will give you a higher price over the phone but lower when you visit them. We always prefer you get a written quote from another gold dealer so you can see the comparison yourself and save money.

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